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Mountain Equine Bodywork

Bodywork and Therapy 'for' your horse, not 'to' your horse.

 A mountain needs a solid base and so do our horses. Enhanced range of motion and reduction of tension helps with strength, suppleness and flexibility. The specialized physiological performance demands we ask of our horses, whether English or Western, is dynamic. The horse’s musculo-skeletal systems need to be tension and restriction free to achieve comfort and willingness in order to enhance collectivity and throughness. The equine, no matter the discipline, from Prix St Georges to mountain packers and all horses in between, requires optimum range of motion in all key bio-mechanical junctions to perform the manoeuvers needed for them to be well, safe and successful. My integrated Bodywork practice using a combination of proven modalities will help your horse maximize his ability to perform. As well, these blended techniques will release accumulated tension and restriction which impedes correct range of motion. Alleviating pain, soreness, discomfort, strain, tension and torque and enhancing range of motion are my primary goals. My ‘Do No Harm’ philosophy ensures you and your horse’s safety are not compromised by my work. I don’t do anything TO your horse, I do it WITH and FOR your horse!

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